Lawns and Ground Maintenance

Overall property maintenance can include tree trimming, fall cleanups, mowing, weed whacking, and more. When it comes to property management and maintenance, Carrega properties has maintained relationships with happy clients for years who continue using the services they provide and wish to continue doing business. Happy customers are the true testament to Carrega Proeperties success in this business.

Carrega Properties performs mulching for several of their clients on an as need basis. The recommendation is to mulch around the trees and prepare the flower/shrub beds with mulch to provide a beautiful aesthetic and prevent weed growth. Carrega can provide mulch and liners below the mulch to prevent the weeds from surfacing. Turn to Carrega to have your mulching done this spring or summer!

Spring and Fall cleanups can be messy and dirty. Carrega Properties makes sure to allow enough time each year to provide fall and spring cleanups for all of their clients. This work includes removing debris from the property, raking leaves, mowing, weedwhacking, garden maintenance, adding fertilizer, and removing any and all dead plants. Call Carrega Properties to schedule your next fall or
spring cleanup!

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